What will I notice after the inserts have been installed?

If it’s cold outside, you should notice an increase in the home’s comfort level, due to the leaks and drafts caused by poor windows having been removed. You may also notice your furnace runs for shorter durations and the house may be noticeably quieter from the third layer of glazing from the inserts.

In the summer months, the inserts still help with heat gain from the dead air space, and if you have air conditioning, the inserts keep the cool air in and away from the hot windows.

If I already have double pane windows, will Truco Storm Window inserts improve my windows?

Yes, all windows benefit from the addition of an insert, any addition of a dead air space increases the window’s R-value.

What if I have really big windows, I don’t want to deal with a huge insert?

For larger windows and windows with portions that open, we make the inserts in sections for ease of manufacturing and use for the consumer. This way the home owner can access the portion of the window that opens, without having to remove the entire insert.

Will having inserts stop the condensation and frost on my windows?

If the condensation is from warm, humid air from the house environment, then the insert should eliminate or drastically reduce the condensation or frost, due to the air tight seal. If the condensation is from a leak in the window, the insert will reduce it a lot but may not totally eliminate it.